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How I Earn Money With Commission Junction

Commission Junction a.k.a. CJ or play a huge part in my online marketing strategy. A very large percentage of my income come from

Do you know why most people can’t sell a thing on Commission Junction?

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Most People Can't Make Money With Commission Junction because they are doing it all wrong.

Because they are doing it wrong!

That’s right. They are making the mistake of trying to sell a product. Sounds pretty crazy right?

But it’s not your job to sell products. It’s the websites job that you are sending your visitors to. It’s their job to sell products.

They are not paying you a commission to sell stuff. They are paying you to send your website visitors to them so that they can sell them stuff.

You send them some traffic, that’s your job…

…and they sell stuff to them, that’s their job.

The trick is to get people to visit your site that are already looking to buy.

Then you set up your website in a way that encourages them to click on your links to sites that pay you money.

Subscribe, and I’ll show you how I find consumers that are ready to spend and how I encourage them to click my links.

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