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You Don’t Need More Traffic To Make Money With Your Website.
You Need More Money From Your Traffic.

If you’re like most search engine marketers than you’re spending most of your time trying to get traffic to your website.

Even if you’ve got just a trickle of traffic than it’s time to step up to the prime time and start squeezing more dollars from that traffic.

How To Earn More Money From Your Existing Traffic

To get more dollars from your existing traffic you’re going to have to decide what you want them to do. And then you’re gonna have to convince them to do it.

Getting Your Visitors To Take The Actions On Your Site That Make You Money

Let’s use an affiliate link as an example. This is the book I am reading right now. Let’s just plop text in on a page.

Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions (that’s a real affiliate link by the way)

Now let’s use the same affiliate link and place the link within the body of a paragraph while changing the text of the link.

If your looking to learn more about optimizing landing pages than thumb through this book that breaks down the process into easily digestible nuggets.

And finally let’s create one more variation that’s completely different from the first two. Let’s use an image this time.

The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions

Which Variation Will Make You The Most Money

To discover which of three variations will make you the most money you’re going to have to try all three of the variations (one at a time) and see which one lines your pockets with the most greenbacks.

Keep the variation with the most sales per page view and now you’re making more money from your existing traffic.

But don’t stop there. Keep testing and making incremental improvements on your pages. And when traffic to your website starts to flow like The Nile, you’ll be ready to convert that traffic into as much money as possible.

Questions? I’ll answer any questions you have if you ask them using the comment box below.

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