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How To Get More People Commenting On Your Blog

When you complete a blog post do you think to yourself,

“Hardly anyone is going to read this page. Why do I bother?”

That’s no fun. So here’s what to do.

The Simplest Way To Encourage People To Write Comments On Your Blog

Connecting With Other Bloggers Is How You're Going To Get More Comments

When Two Bloggers Connect They Both Benefit

Find some blogs that are related to yours and write comments on them. Write comments that show the blog owner that you truly did read their content.

Add something meaningful or maybe even ask a question.

Don’t write spam comments and don’t leave spammy links.

How To Get Your Comments Approved

The absolute worst thing that you can do on someone else’s blog is to write a comment and use a keyword term as your name that links back to your website.

When someone does this on one of my blogs I hit delete before I even read the comment.

When you use keyword terms in place of your name it shows the blog owner that you are more interested in getting a link back to your website than you are in making a meaningful contribution the their blog.

Always use you name in the name box and always link to your website in the website box.

And don’t link to your website in the body of your comment. It’s more important to get your comment approved than it is to get a spammy link from another blog.

How To Find Blogs That Are Related To Yours

Instead of going out and finding blogs that are related to yours you can actually sit back and let them come to you. My favorite way to do this is using google alerts.

You can choose to have a weekly or daily email sent to you anytime a blog is having a conversation that you might want to be involved in.

Now get out there and build some relationships with other bloggers. Those relationships have a tendency to blossom and to benefit you both in ways that you never thought possible.

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