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How To Make Money With A Website

There are lots of different ways to make money with a website. But when you’re starting out the process should be simple and¬†straightforward.

So here it is.

The Easiest Way I Know To Make Money With A Website

The easiest way I know how to make money with a website is using google adsense.

Adsense is how I started making money with my first website.

It’s how I earned my first $100 check from google and it’s how I¬†recommend everyone starts making money with their website.

Let me introduce you to Joel Comm. He is the owner of the “Secret Classroom” video series where you can learn how to make money from twelve of the best internet marketers.

How To Make Money With A WebsiteThe reason I want you to visit his website is to download this free and instantly downloadable book from him called “Adsense Secrets 4″.

You can download Adsense Secrets 4 for free from this link.

The reason that that Adsense Secrets 4 is free is that some of the information is a little outdated but there is still a ton of top notch info in there.

He’s coming out with Adsense Secrets 5 soon. I’ll be buying it to see whats new in the world of adsense that I have been missing.

What You’ll Learn From Joel’s Free Book

He’ll walk you through properly setting up your adsense account, show you where to place your ads, demonstrate how to encourage visitors to click your ads, and share lots of really awesome advanced techniques.

He sold this book for $97 and if I had heard of it when I was starting out I would have paid those $97. The fact that you can get it for free is outstanding and will really get you going in the right direction with adsense.

I am so jealous that you can download this book for free!

Where was this free resource when I was starting out? GRRRRR!!

Is it safe to assume that you already have a website, or at least know how to make one?

If not than watch this video on how to make a website. You’re going to need to know how to make your very own website before you can make money with one.

Do you have any other “how to” questions that you would like answered? If so then leave them in the comment box below. I’ll make your question the topic of an upcoming article.

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